Department of Mechanical engineering
The Department of Mechanical Engineering at ARCHANA COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING is committed to excellence in research, teaching, and service to the community. Mechanical Engineering is essential to a wide range of activities that include the design, development, manufacture, management, and control of engineering systems, subsystems, and their components. Typically the manufacturing, power, aerospace, automotive, materials, and processing industries employ mechanical engineers. As a result of the recent rapid expansion of technology, mechanical engineers also have become increasingly involved in computer aided design and visualization; robotics; bioengineering; environmental engineering; solar, wind, and ocean energy sources; and space exploration. The breadth of the field provides the graduates with many possibilities for a satisfying career.
Teaching Faculty
Sl No Name of the staff Designation Highest Education Qualification
1 Ravi T.N Professor M.Tech
2 Bhargavan Pilllai Asst.Professor /WS B.Tech
3 Gibu Sam Varghese Asst.Professor M.Tech
4 Nithin Dev Asst.Professor M.Tech
5 Anoop.T Asst.Professor M.Tech
6 Prasanth.G Asst.Professor M.Tech
7 Jayakrishnan S Asst.Professor M.Tech
8 Sunil K Chandran Lecturer B.Tech
9 Arun Kumar P Lecturer B.Tech